A free-spirited and unconventional Interior Designer with a range of furniture and fabrics inspired by Nature….

My experience as an Interior Designer has taught me that so many people are living in places they really don’t connect with.

It’s important to know what you want and how you want to feel within your home.

I create a relaxing atmosphere and positive energy in my work so people feel at home and connected to the spaces I conceive.

My business was established in Byron Bay in 2008 where I worked with many talented people doing what they love. Living there helped me to come closer to who I am and how I wanted to be recognised as an Interior Designer. I realized how drawn I am to nature, the colours, the amazing materials that come from it. As a result I design luxurious homes and products using predominately natural materials. I preserve as much as I can in older buildings to enhance what exists. Retaining original materials in your home tells a lovely story.

I love Byron Bay, it’s an inspiring place to work. I also love the Northern Beaches of Sydney where I’m currently living. I work in both Byron and Sydney. I truly love what I do. I look forward to every journey my designs take me.