suffolk avenue

suffolk avenue

“A Northern Beaches home renovation with timeless style

A Sydneysider moves into the home that she once admired as a child, giving it a new life with greenery, sunlight and soul.

Whether or not you believe in fate, the story of how Lisa Barnett came to buy her Sydney home on the Northern Beaches seems predetermined.

“I grew up only a street away from the house. In fact, my parents’ friends owned it for many years,” Lisa says.

As a young girl, she’d admired the property’s architecture and front garden, so when it came up for sale four years ago, she had to see it.

Lisa worked with interior designer Kate Manning to make the home her own, knocking down a wall, redesigning the kitchen and lovingly decorating each room.

“I think you can tell when someone has taken their time,” Lisa says. “It’s taken me three years to get this far and it’s still evolving.”

This patience is what gives her home soul – she waits for pieces she feels connected to, much like the home itself. “It would be great if one day in the future, my boys bring their grandchildren to this place and tell of their memories here.”

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